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Italy plastic machinery market development is rapid

Compared to other western developed countries, Italy has natural resources is meager, industry started late inferior position. But Italy pay attention to timely adjust economic policy, pay attention to the study and the introduction of new technologies, promote the economic development. At present, Italy's crude oil processing capacity of 1tons, with European refinery "say; steel production in Europe second; plastics industry, tractor manufacturing industry, power industry also ranks world front row.

According to statistics, Italy plastics and rubber processing machinery and mold manufacturing industry output value accounted for mechanical manufacturing alliance ten industry total production value16.5%. At the same time, Italy rubber and plastic processing machinery and mold products major export destination is the EU, the export amount of 915000000. In 2011 the sales increase of 11.1%, production value increased from $3600000000 in 2010to $4000000000 this year. At the same time, Italy exports over the same period last year increased by 19.3%, already grew to $2400000000.

As the field of plastic machinery auxiliary equipment, extrusion equipment has a clear function, has a special capacity for large-scale process decisive contribution. Usually these devices will soon because of special technology and become an indispensable and irreplaceable devices.

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