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Paper processing plastic auxiliary equipment to the enterprise survival ability

In the plastic processing industry, either the extruder, injection, calendering, blow molding, or blown film, spinning, in addition to meet the requirement of the host, often also need a large number of auxiliary equipment to complete the processing procedure. Plastics auxiliary equipment perfect, automation and rational to a certain extent determines the quality of the product and the viability of the enterprise.

According to their division of functions, including feeding system of plastic auxiliary equipment, temperature control system, scrap materials recycling crushing equipment three categories, in the plastic processing process, which plays a different role.

Feeding system to provide quality raw materials

Feeding system of auxiliary processing equipment mainly includes drying, transportation, metering, mixing equipment.

Drying equipment for hygroscopic materials processing production before the pretreatment of the material, such as ABS, Polyoxymethylene ( POM ), polycarbonate ( PC ), nylon ( PA ), organic glass ( PMMA ) in polyolefin plastics processing process, to ensure the quality of the products to the high and dry, as in the random copolymerized polypropylene PP-R pipe production and pipe fittings injection molding and cross-linked polyethylene polyethylene materials also need to be dry material to a desired moisture content. In the processing of raw materials to product the requirement of water content, but also use different drying method and device. For packing and PVC aggregates often use oven dryer for highly heat-sensitive plastic with a rotary double conical vacuum dryer; continuous drying often use direct type hopper dryer.

For conveying powder material feeding system, adopts a spring tube type conveying system and a Roots blower type wind feeding system, while the particle transportation feed using vacuum on the feeder. Focus on feeding equipment and more suitable for large-scale, automated production technology. Equipment used computer control, all the raw materials in proportion through a metering device weighing into the mixer. Hopper are provided with the material level sensor, according to the material's number can be automatically opened or closed on a conveying pipeline storage barrel. The central feeding system is the key technology of electronic scales accurate measurement, can be required materials according to the proportion of accurate feeding.

Temperature control and ensure the quality of products

Plastic processing in the process of heating equipment for injection molding, extrusion, mainly refers to the rolling production equipment of the barrel mold and roller temperature controller, are currently used for electric heating of heat transfer oil instead of complicated steam heating mode.

Mold temperature cooler is mainly used in the injection molding mould temperature cooling. General in the mold design of the cooling water channel. Refrigerating machine with air-cooled and water-cooled, air-cooled portable, but the heat capacity is low, water cooled heat exchanger, the heat exchange effect is good, is widely used.

Recycling to reduce production cost

In the plastic processing scrap materials account for5% of the total output of ~ 20%, can say the recycling of scrap materials in a certain extent determines the enterprise's lifeline. Plastic processing enterprises pay more and more attention to it. The more plastic shredders, divided into suitable for rigid products, small volume of product crushing equipment; used in soft plastic foam recycling crushing equipment; used in pipe, profiles of long products direct crushing granulation disintegrator for waste recycling granulating machine. In plastic recycling equipment, is now moving toward the low noise, easy to operate, the collection hopper of continuous tube feeding direction.

For large parts of the crushed continuously, in order to avoid the plastics parts in crusher in long time turning cutting, heat is generated so that the plastic into the elastomeric state, it is difficult to crush, developed in the mill shell with a water cooling jacket of the crushing equipment to ensure the large plastic parts broken continuous operation and efficient smash.

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